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The Safe and Proper Way of Bathing Your Baby

Considering how delicate your newborn is, you must handle him with great care. This is especially important if you are giving him a bath. Keep in mind that you will be using water, soap, or shampoo in the process, which could cause discomfort when applied improperly. So, to avoid harming your precious one in any way, check out the useful information listed below.

  • Use the right baby tub. A freestanding basin specifically made for newborns should be used. If that is not available, then you can opt for an inflatable one that you can fit inside the bathtub.

  • Prepare grooming products ahead of time. By doing so, you can complete the bathing process without having to leave your child alone in the water, which is dangerous. Also, since you need to keep one hand on your baby at all times, then you should place the items within your reach.

  • Use the recommended amount of warm water. It should measure about two to three inches inside the tub. You also need to ensure that H2O stays moderately hot all throughout.

  • Start washing the baby's face first. This should be done before you move on to dirtier areas such as the bottom or feet. Make sure that you wash the skin folds and the genitalia. With regards to shampooing, gently massage the formula on his scalp and then rinse it off using a damp wash cloth or directly under the tap.

After that, gently dry him with a soft towel, and then, clothe him with the right garments so he can stay comfortable and happy.

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